Artist Statement

I make functional and decorative ceramic objects made out of white porcelain, and brown and black stoneware for the everyday ritual.

My work explores the flora, often specific to the Northern landscape, that holds significant medicinal healing properties. As a trained clinical herbalist and the child of farmers, I am drawn to the natural world and the connection we have to plants. I am inspired by and curious about how that connection can nourish us, sustain us, and heal us. I want my pieces to invite the user to connect deeper to their innate relationship with the natural world, a connection that is so often obscured (not lost) by our modern technology. I meld the modern form with antiquated imagery and rustic surface treatment, showing that both can live in a symbiotic relationship with one another.

My work is made on the potter's wheel and handbuilt from slabs and coiling techniques, sometimes adding texture from real plant impressions such as cedar leaf. I decorate my work using minimal glaze treatments, as well as Mishima, slip trailing, screen printing, and mono-printing techniques using underglazes and colored slips to apply imagery and patterns onto the clay.